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"Alicia Yanow is definitely my  pets' best friend!   Kinsey and Poirot have been my special, beloved companions practically since the day they were born twelve years ago.  Until I found Alicia, I worried constantly about them when I had to go out of town and leave them with a sitter.  But Alicia takes such good, loving care of  my kitties-- everything from playing their favorite games to brushing and cuddling to giving daily medications with a smile-- that  I know they are happy to see her every time.  As for me, when I'm on the road, I can look forward to daily email updates on their activities and eccentricities that always make me smile.   And I really look forward to reading Alicia's amazingly complete (and witty) report card of her daily visits with my "babies" when I get home.  So -- happy cats, happy cat-lover:  what more can you ask for? Well, it seems like too much, but in addition to being a "purr-fect" cat sitter, Alicia is also a sweetheart of a person, completely trustworthy and a total pleasure to deal with.  We (me, Kinsey and Poirot) can't recommend her more."

Owner of Kinsey (In Loving Memory) & Poirot


How long have you worked with Alicia?
We first hired alicia in 2004 when we took a 2 week trip to Europe.

How did you find her (referral, internet, other)?
I found her on the internet, got referrals as you are doing, then met with her at our apt.

How often do you use her services?
We use Alicia whenever we leave for more than 2 days. approx. 8 to 10 times per year.

Why did you chose Alicia over other options?
When we met her, we liked her personality. Our cats took an instant liking to her as well. She was experienced in giving cats medication. She also offered extras such as watering our plants, getting our mail, moving our car on street cleaning days, etc.

Have you ever had concerns with reliability?
I've never had any concerns with her reliability. Exactly the opposite. We have been able to call her at the very last minute and she has been able to help with very short notice.

How do the animals behave when you return?
Our cats miss alicia at first. They are in great spirits and act as though we had never left.

What was your biggest surprise with her services?
I was surprised that she offered so many extra services, as mentioned above. And she followed through on all of her promises.

What would you suggest she change, add or do differently?
Honestly, I wouldn't change a thing.

What is the key reason you would recommend her to others?
Quite simply, I don't have to worry about my cats because I know they are being taken care of by a person who cares as much about them as I do.

Is there anything else I should know about Alicia or her services?
The only thing I can add is... Don't hesitate to hire Alicia. She has single handedly made it possible for my wife and I to take the vacations we've always dreamed of because we don't have to worry about our beloved pets. They are truly special to us and to know that Alicia is caring for them makes all the difference in the world. I hope this recommendation helps. Alicia is great and we wouldn't know what to do without her.

Joey & Cindy
Owners of Wesley (In Loving Memory) & Sadie

"What can you say about someone that takes such amazing care of your “kids: when you are away?  The peace of mind that Alicia brings us is priceless.  My three cats have various issues – from one with an abused kittenhood to a socialized feral to another that is the friendliest, yet neediest cat in the world – each has their own unique needs and concerns. 

Yet I feel completely comfortable leaving them in the care of Alicia.  She knows what to do for each of them and when she gives me the daily updates via email and the daily journal that is left for when I return from a trip – I can tell she has spent quality time with them – she KNOWS them – she recounts behavior I know they exhibit. 

The biggest testament is when we come home and they are act as though we just came home from work.  THAT to me shows their life has not been disrupted. They are comfortable. Her compassion and innate knowledge of how to care for them comes through loud and clear time after time.  She is truly special and I clearly can not say enough great things about her. Incomparable!"

Owner of Jet, Sadie &

"No cat makes you earn its love and affection more than my Xena. She is one of the most demanding pets I have ever had. She refuses to be held, but must always be in the midst of company. She loves to play, but only when she is good and ready. She has learned to fine tune her vocal cords to make it absolutely clear when she is ready to be played with, fed, granted a treat, pet or permitted to drink from a running tap. She will NOT, under any circumstances, even get near a crate if she thinks there is even a remote possibility that she will be transported out of the comfort of "her" home -- and I've got the scars to prove it.

So when I found myself recently divorced and living alone with no one to care for my precious, but very tempermental kitty while traveling on business, I wasn't sure where to turn. That's when I went online and found my saving grace -- Alicia Yanow of Pet's Best Friend. It was the first time I had even considered a pet sitter and I didn't know what to expect so I asked Alicia to come and meet Xena before agreeing to contract her services. Alicia was the perfect blend of professional care taker and pet lover. She immediately took a spot on my living room floor to introduce herself to Xena and get a sense of her personality. Xena, in typical fashion was reserved and very skeptical -- Alicia was patient, kind and caring and slowly but surely won Xena over lock, stock and barrel. Alicia spent over an hour and took copious notes on Xena's unique behavioral tendencies and special care needs. She also gave me a copy of her license and insurance documents without hesitation to keep for my own personal reference.

While I was away, Alicia did an amazing job. She sent me e-mail updates daily so I always knew exactly what was happening with Xena. She brought Xena a new play toy while I was gone and it has since become her absolute favorite -- she promptly calls me to bring it out and play with her every day. I knew when I got home that Xena was well cared for when she came running to the door as I turned the key to the front door, looked up to see it was me (and not Alicia) and promptly about faced and returned to her resting position without as much as a peep -- as if she was disappointed that it was not Alicia. I was so impressed with Alicia's ability to care for Xena that I am often tempted to have her come and visit Xena even when I am NOT traveling.

I cannot recommend Alicia enough. She is a great care taker, a responsible and consciencious professional and an avid pet lover. I will not hesitate to use her again in the future."

Owner of Xena

"We couldn't be happier with the care Alicia provided for our cats!   We were away for a couple of weeks, a long time for the cats to be alone, but when we returned from our holiday, Badger and Zephyr were cheerful and happy.  It was so much easier for them to be at home, and the daily updates from Alicia made it easy for us as well, knowing that they were having fun and making a new friend.   She even won over our rather shy older cat, who normally takes months to give her approval to new people!   Alicia is wonderfully responsible, responsive and thoughtful - a fantastic person to look after your pets while you're away."

Angela & Ed
Owners of Badger and Zephyr




Excerpt from 'Rosie and Cheeto's Blog':

Saturday, December 30, 2006 - When the Cats Are Away, the Mice Will Play

ummm, that title duesn’t sound rite. Anyways, owr lady is back aftur spending krissmas in the mittun state. We didn’t miss hur a bit!

Once owr lady left we got party prepurashuns underway and invited everyone to come ovur. Lux, Daisy, Gemini, Grr, Midnite, Cocoa, Eric (Rosie’s hubby), Flynn, Ariel, Merlin, Shad ow, KoKo, Jake, Bathsheba, DaisyMae, Mrs. B (Cheeto’s beeeuty), Rascal, Kimo, Sabi, Max, Icon, Mr. Zenith and Skeezix stopped by…the party was hoppin all weekend!

The originul plan was to lock owr cat nanny in the peeples littur box room so we didn’t have to be on owr best behavior…but she was sooo cul we didn’t half to do that! She played chase the fev-vur rod game, cleaned up when I (Cheeto) blew chunks, and even got us a catnip candy bar. Owr cat nanny sent daily emails to owr lady letting hur know how gud we were, and we didn’t even have to bribe hur to say nice things with nip. But here’s the best part…she didn’t tattletale abowt the kitty krissmas bash!  If yoo get a cat nanny make sure she’s as cul as owrs.

Rosie and Cheeto (& their human Kimberly)

"Alicia does a couple of things that really make a difference.  Before the first time that she takes care of your pet, she asks many questions and takes extensive notes about the normal things and the quirks that all of our pets have.  Also, she sends you daily emails so that when you are away you will know how your pet is.  When I was in Europe last fall, it was great to hear every day how my kitty was doing.  I’m really happy to have such a reliable, conscientious substitute mom for my kitty."

Owner of Mew



"The care and attention Harry receives when we are away is fantastic. I often travel for work, and having someone as responsible, trustworthy, and dependable as Alicia to make sure Harry is well fed and cared for, allows me sleep easy at night. Alicia came highly recommended, and she has exceeded expectations! Her professionalism and obvious affection for animals comes through in every aspect of her work."

Owner of Harry

asdf"We hired Pet's Best Friend to watch our cats over the Thanksgiving Week. They did a wonderful job taking care of our animals, making sure to spend quality time petting them, putting down catnip to keep them happy, and being sure to keep the food bowls full. Our cats were the happiest we've ever seen after being away from them for a week. They loved Pet's Best Friend! And we trusted them completely."

Emily and Katie
Owners of Rosie and Purcilla


"Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Alicia came to our rescue. We were left without any care for our 2 cats, Sybil and Coltrane, while we were on the opposite coast. We've never used a professional pet sitter before so we were a little nervous about what to expect. To make matters worse, we couldn't even meet with a potential sitter, Panic set in! As soon as we spoke with Alicia we knew we had found the perfect person. Alicia treated our cats as if they were her own (maybe even better than we do!). Alicia is extremely knowledgeable, responsible, caring, conscientious, and professional. In addition to the loving attention she gave our girls, she sent DAILY emails to update us. We didn't think that everyday would be necessary, but everyday we were checking our in-boxes to hear what Alicia had to say. We returned home to more detailed notes about her stay with our cats and a lovely note card welcoming us home! We'd never even met her, but she already felt like a good friend. We will definitely use her services in the future. Alicia makes leaving your pets behind much easier and you will feel confident knowing Alicia is there! Your cats will act as if you never left!"

Cindy and Alex
Owners of Coltrane & Sybil (In Loving Memory)


"Alicia has taken wonderful care of our two darling cats, Maxie and Adora, in our home many times. She is conscientious, reliable, efficient and our cats love her. They are very calm and happy when we return from our trips and don't seem to have missed us at all because Alicia treats them like family. We highly recommend Alicia and Pet's Best Friend to anyone wanting personal care for their cats when they are away from home. You will have a worry free trip. "

Vera and Horace
Owners of Maxie and Adora


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